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Upcoming Driver Education
Classroom Training Courses

1.  Course Cost/Final Details - $400.  NOTE:  A Welcome Letter will be emailed to you upon completion of your registration with further details regarding scheduling drive times.  It also includes required forms to ensure enrollment.  Please process the Welcome Letter items, all of them, immediately upon the completion of registration.

2.  Classroom Location - List of dates below only includes classroom time.  Behind-the-wheel (BTW) drive times are scheduled outside of classroom time.  For address see Contact Us.

3.  BTW Drive Location - Same location as Classroom unless otherwise noted.  Scheduling of drive times detailed in Welcome Letter.  See NOTE: on #1.

4.  IMPORTANT REMINDER:  During registration and entering each contact information, be sure to click Email and Text under each contacts' Send Notifications information.  Process these from Not Confirmed to Confirmed.  Process one at a time, allow 5 minutes for 4-digit code to be sent through Email or Text, enter in the box within the system, and then move to the  next item to confirm.  If these are not marked, you will not receive classroom updates or drive time reminders.  This is very important! 

5.  List of Classes - To view the list of classes in your area, please choose your school area in the drop-down menu to the left-hand side of this box.  The classes will be listed below.  If the class reads "FULL", please read the notes within the description of the class regarding a waiting list .  If it reads "Register Now", you may enroll for this class.


Simply enter your student information, select your services, and schedule your sessions! From there you can monitor your progress, schedule drive times, and check upcoming sessions all online!